The plan of de-escalation of the confinement makes one begin to glimpse the end of the confinement somewhat closer; everything that will shape the now and the tomorrow is already here.

Contradictory behaviors and values ​​that occur at the same time will give way to a new social situation. The coronavirus pandemic is going to mean a change in the way we socialize and relate to one another, but also in the way we live in our homes. Confinement caught many of us unexpectedly, and spending so much time at home has made us reflect on the space in which we live and its limitations.

If the impact of this virus on our quality of life is still undergoing development, the question remains; Then what? How will our day to day be? How and in what circumstances will we change? What mark will remain on our memory and how will it transform us? What will really last in this rapidly changing world?

As we return to the new uncertain normalcy, everything is happening inside our homes. The places that become our refuge and help us feel safe, but at the same time is the closed space that reminds us of the yearning for freedom.

Longing to experiment, travel, socialize, do and undo in the way we were used to, reminds us of things that suddenly we cannot or have had to stop doing, a duality that will influence us in our lives in the now and then.

Our houses have suddenly become multifunctional spaces. The center of all our activities, even in times of exhausting over-activity due to the pressure of being as productive as possible, even in confinement. Except for buying the most essential things, we have had to do almost everything in our homes: work, study, play sports, play, cook, rest, eat, dance, socialize, create, invent and reinvent.

A tour of our homes:

Our houses come in different shapes and sizes, confinement in a 40m2 apartment alone or accompanied is not the same as in a house with a garden or in an open distributed space where privacy is more complicated. But the functions that we all perform are almost the same in any home.

As soon as you step inside, the entrance becomes a sterilization area where you leave clothes and shoes as in Japón and more and more frequent, as if it were a science fiction movie before going to save the world, an entrance with products to decontaminate mobile phones, keys, portfolio and online purchase packages.

Continuing the tour to the dining rooms or lounges that become perhaps the most multifunctional spaces in the whole house, work offices and meeting rooms that become improvised playgrounds for those who share space with the little ones, temporary gyms with mats on the floor and makeshift weights made of bottles, party rooms where you can dance the night away in front of a screen with your friends on the other side, even becoming cinemas and in spas where you can relax.

Bathrooms become beauty salons with home remedies and the center of protection and hygiene.

In the kitchen a full pantry makes sense again to create thousands of recipes. Suddenly we realize that we love to cook, it helps us relax and reduce anxiety and the slower pace allows us to take care and pamper ourselves better.

Balconies and terraces have regained prominence even windows that become an extension to the outside. Right now is when you say to yourself, my next house will have an exterior facing the sun with views, a terrace or at least a balcony where you can go outside and have a small garden and maybe it is not necessary to be so centric or simply a place where you can observe and interact with the neighbors. The confinement has made each meter in the open air even more valuable, and for this reason, today more than ever; we could say that whoever has a patio, roof, garden, terrace or even balcony has a treasure, a luxury as relief to the feeling of freedom.

Reflections on space:

Due to this new experience, we will reflect on the space we share and the limitations of our homes, thinking of solutions to make them more pleasant, comfortable, safe and, above all, healthy. Taking into account the current circumstances and the information that reaches us, everything seems to indicate that we could return to live other periods of confinement and by then, our houses should be better prepared for it.

More versatile and multifunctional spaces

Better interior and exterior connection

Healthier, more hygienic and sustainable homes

• Houses that help us feel better

The importance of space will increase as people search for more ways to hide personal and household items. Currently, we are learning how important it is to organize our space to promote productivity in our homes. Looking for multifunctional implies that from the design point of view it is determined more than ever how the products would be used in relation to the space of the homes.

Quarantine has opened an interesting avenue of exploration from the point of view of how to feel and live in our houses, think about how a small space can serve multiple functions and at the same time maintain a separation between work and personal life.

The coronavirus has only accelerated habits that we did not plan to establish on a daily basis for a few years down the road.

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